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MHRD, UGC, and the Government of India have taken several novel initiatives in recent years to promote information and communication technology (ICT) in education. This led to a venture called ‘E-Content Development Centre’ in our college. The goal of this initiative is to encourage individual teachers, groups of teachers in college in content development and multimedia production to develop educational content in electronic format, suitable for use in various learning programmes. This scheme is opened to teachers in all subjects and disciplines. The Centre aims to reach out to the maximum online beneficiaries through sharing the knowledge resource of the college as well as to seek expertise from outside to equip the students to face the challenges of the Digital World. The College has established a full-fledged media studio to support the E-content development. The facility available in the studio can be used by the faculty members for academic purposes like recording e-content, editing documentary videos, dubbing, etc.

The objectives:

  • To Motivate and facilitate the staff members to develop e-contents on their own
  • To encourage all the staff members develop e-contents every year as per the stipulated time schedule. The developed e-contents are intended to be shared with the students in order to enrich their learning experience better.
  • To make available the academic writings/materials/ of staff and transact assignments and seminar portions through the medium.

Infrastructure Facility available for E-Content Development

  • Purpose built Digital Audio-Video Recording Studio
  • Production Studio (Green Matte)
  • Digital Video Editing HD Cameras for recordings
  • Editing Software (Life time licensed)
  • 150 Mbps internet connectivity


Co-ordinator :

Dr.Kanakachandran C R
Assistant Professor
PG Department of Commerce
Sree Krishna College, Guruvayur