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ED Club


During the last four decades, Kerala has attained worldwide acclaim for its achievements in the
social sector, particularly in health and education system. But the performance of the industrial
sector has not been keeping pace with the potential of the state. Government of Kerala has
recognized this factor and has instituted bold and forward looking measures to tap the unique
strengths of the state aimed at providing a suitable stimulus for industrial growth.
The Department of Industries and Commerce, Government of Kerala, in association With
Education Department formulated a scheme to set up “Entrepreneurship Development Clubs” in
schools and colleges of the State to inculcate “Entrepreneurship Culture”, amongst youth and
equip them with the skills, techniques and confidence to act as torch-bearers of “Enterprise” for
the new generation. The Entrepreneurship Development Club is actively functioning in the
college with the mission “To generate wealth and employment in proportion with limitless
natural and immense human resource potential of Kerala by developing entrepreneurship among


  • To generate wealth and employment in proportion with limitless natural and immense
    human resource potential of Kerala by developing entrepreneurship among the youth.


  • To inculcate entrepreneurial culture among students.
    · To induct entrepreneurial spirit in the institution.
    · To motivate the members into the industrial activity.
    · To nurture the latent entrepreneurial talent.

Action Plan for the Academic year 2021-22

Proposed activities of the Club*

  1. Organize interactive sessions with successful entrepreneurs from outside as well as within the
    2. Organize workshops/debates, industrial visits to business enterprises within/outside the State.
    3. Interaction with the promotional agencies.
    4. Exposure to national and international events in various parts of the country related to
    industrial developments.
    5. Organize Entrepreneurship Clinics and Entrepreneur Awareness Programme.
    6. To introduce talented youths to industrial research organizations.
    7. To familiarize the youths to the latest developments through media.
    *In collaboration with DIC (District Industries Centre, Thrissur) 

    Co-ordinator :

Dr.Kanakachandran C R
Assistant Professor
PG Department of Commerce
Sree Krishna College, Guruvayur