Sri. Suresh V. NampoothiriM.Sc.Assistant Professor E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Phone : +91 9495111543




M. Sc. In Applied Chemistry from Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala, India.

Ph. D in Natural Product Chemistry from Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai.

Areas of Interest

Isolation and characterization of phytochemicals. Evaluation of its antioxidant and biochemical properties.

Training programme

Attended and participated in Training programme on “Spectroscopy and food Analysis” conducted by Central Food Technological Research Institute (CFTRI), Mysore.


Awards/ Achievements

CSIR -SRF (Senior Research Fellowship) in 2011.

CSIR-UGC NET (National Eligibility Test) in June 2011.


List of Publications

Suresh V Nampoothiri, Praseetha E. K, V.V Venugopalan*, A. Nirmala Menon (2012). Process development for the enrichment of curcuminoids in Turmeric spent oleoresin and its inhibitory potential against LDL oxidation and angiotensin converting enzyme. International Journal of Food Science and Nutrition; 63(6): 696–702

Suresh V Nampoothiri. P C Lekshmi. V V Venugopalan. A Nirmala Menon* Antidiabetic and antioxidant potentials of spent turmeric oleoresin, a by-product from curcumin production industry. Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Disease. (2012)1-5.

Suresh V Nampoothiri, V V Venugopalan, Beena Joy, M M Sreekumar, A Nirmala Menon. Comparison of Essential oil Composition of Three Ginger Cultivars from Sub Himalayan Region. Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine (2012)1-4.

A. Prathapan, Suresh .V. Nampoothiri, S. Mini, K.G. Raghu (2012). Antioxidant, antiglycation and inhibitory potential of flavonoid fraction of saraca asoka flowers against the enzymes linked to type 2 Diabetes and LDL oxidation. European Review for medicinal and Pharmacological science.16: 57-65.

Suresh .V. Nampoothiri, A. Prathapan, O. Lijo Cherian, K.G. Raghu, Venugopalan V.V, A. Sundaresan(2011). In vitro antioxidant and inhibitory potential of Terminalia bellerica and Emblica officinalis fruits against LDL oxidation and key enzymes linked to Type 2 diabetes, Food & Chemical Toxicology. 49, 125-131.

Suresh .V. Nampoothiri, S.S. Binil Raj, Ranjith. A, A. Prathapan, A. Sundaresan (2011). Isolation and densitometric HPTLC method for the quantification of belleric acid from the fruit pericarp of Terminalia bellerica and its formulations, Journal of Planar Chromatography-Modern TLC, 24(1), 77-81.

Suresh .V. Nampoothiri, S.S. Binil Raj, A. Prathapan, P.A. Abhilash, C. Arumughan, A. Sundaresan (2011). In vitro antioxidant activities of methanol extract and its different solvent fractions obtained from the fruit pericarp of Terminalia bellerica. Natural Product Research, 25(3), 277-287.

P.A Abhilash, P. Nisha, A. Prathapan, Suresh V. Nampoothiri, O. Lijo Cherian, T.K. Sunitha, K.G. Raghu (2011). Cardioprotective effects of aqueous extract of oxalis corniculata in experimental myocardial infarction. Experimental & Toxicologic pathology. 63,535– 540.

A. Prathapan, O. Lijo Cherian, Suresh .V. Nampoothiri, S. Mini, K.G. Raghu (2011). In vitro antiperoxidative, free radical scavenging and xantine oxides inhibitory potential of ethyl acetate fraction of Saraca asoka flowers. Natural Product Research, 25(3), 298-309.


Short presentation

Suresh V Nampoothiri, T. Esakkidurai, K. Pichumani. LC-MS/MS quantification of phenolic compounds in Emblica officinalis and Terminalia bellerica and its relation to free radical quenching properties-A comparative study. International Conference on Mass Spectroscopy. (2013). Kottayam, Kerala, India.

Poster Presention

S.S. Binil Raj, N. M. Soumya, Ranjith Arimboor, Suresh .V. Nampoothiri, RP- HPTLC method for the quantification of embelin as a marker in polyherbal formulations containing Embelia ribes, 20th International symposium on Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Analysis (2009), Agra, India.

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